Assisted Dying
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What is assisted dying

Definitions and an explanation of the law

Mercy or Murder?

Should the law be changed to permit people to be helped to die? Or will that lead to abuse?

It's complicated

Agonising personal decisions about assisted dying

Nurses helped my Gran to die

Personal account: Dr Max Pemberton says it's normal and compassionate - but not legal - to help people facing death

Child euthanasia in Belgium

Belgium has become the first country in the world to allow euthanasia for any age group. Is extending this right a step forward or is it unnecessary and dangerous?

Supporting the right to die always runs the risk

A mother killed her brain-damaged, comatose son because she couldn't bear to see him suffer. Did she have the right to choose for him?

When is it right to take the law into our own hands?

One committed a violent attack on a burglar. The other was guilty of the mercy killing of her brain damaged son. One is free, the other starting a nine year sentence

Physician-Assisted Dying: doctors' views

Assisting another person's death is against UK law. What do doctors think about proposed changes?

Assisted dying: public opinion

Views on allowing terminally ill adults to end their life

Life and death decisions with a disabled child

'Do I love her? With all my heart. When she dies will it be a relief? Without question', says the mother of a disabled daughter

Why preserve a life with no meaning?

A leading rabbi describes his wife's painful decline and how he felt sure he should help her to die