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If the Face(book) fits

How your Facebook profile could make or marr your job prospects

'He blocked the door and pulled a knife'

One social worker reveals the challenges of life on the front line

From dog food taster to eel ecologist: six jobs that are surprisingly enjoyable

Six people talk about their unusual but enjoyable jobs.

10 things about work, life and money every child should know

Most youngsters leave education knowing little about the worlds of work and money. Here are the key tips Money Saving Expert Martin Lewis would give to his younger self .

Call centre staffed by 'resting' actors

Billing itself as the only firm that wants its staff to quit to pursue their dreams, RSVP has 600 wannabe performers on its books

A young entrepreneur's route to success

Scottish entrepreneur Fraser Doherty built his business out of a passion for making jam and years of hard work. It's a recipe others should look to follow.

NHS Staff experiences

Staff feel under pressure, but supported by their colleagues

By the end of my first year as a doctor, I was ready to kill myself

A junior doctor explains how the stress of saving lives nearly compelled her to take her own.

What I learned from 4 years working at McDonald's

This young woman challenges her own and society's perception of the people who serve burgers and fries.

I've never felt so worthwhile

Personal account: Caring needs unrelenting energy and is physically and emotionally demanding, but every day I know I've made a difference to someone's life.

Job satisfaction

More than a third of British workers say their job is making no meaningful contribution to the world - but most of them aren't looking for another one.

The power of play

Do your childhood toys dictate your future career? Toys may influence what you believe you can and can't do

You need a job. But are you shouting loud enough?

Today's graduates emerge from uni into a hostile job market - Adam Pacitti spent his last savings on a billboard to ask for a job... and it worked

Science education

What motivates young people towards a career in science?

#AskEddie: Meet the work experience boy who saved Southern Rail

When 15-year-old Eddie Smith came in for his fortnight of work experience at Southern Rail, his main goal was to do more than make tea.

Gender and pay

Gender pay comparison

Women are given a tougher time in interviews than men, scientists find

According to researchers, women are more likely to be interrupted mid-sentence, suggesting there is a gender imbalance in top jobs.

What do employers want from young people?

The Education and Skills survey 2017 had responses from more than 340 organisations.


Your social media habits could harm your job prospects

Work and relationships

Our working life and home life are linked, and it is important to get the balance right

The future of work

Projections for jobs in the future

What's the problem with millennials in the workplace?

CBI, representing the heavyweights of British industry, issued its latest study of business leaders reporting that a third of companies are dissatisfied with graduates' attitude to work and ability to 'self-manage'

The graduate breaking point

Personal account: When did Britain's young people become overly obsessed with reaching a landmark by a certain age?