Christianity is part of our history so should be taught to children - it is not indoctrination

British children need to know about the religion that shaped their culture

Is Britain a Christian country?

Is Christianity part of our nation's structure and character? Or is that an outdated view? Arguments for and against

Religion in Britain

The Church of England's decline has continued over the last decade.

Practising Christians

Although more than half of adults say they are Christian only 4% go to church services

I believe...

Many people who say they are Christian hold beliefs that do not fit traditional Christian teaching

Christian news coverage is unfair

Lauren is fed up with the media only covering the bad bits of the Christian church, and thinks it should focus more on the good things it does too

Religious schools

A significant proportion of UK schools are associated with particular religions. How many schools and how many pupils?

Faith symbols

There is overwhelming public support for the freedom to wear small religious items at work... but not for the burka

Secular Britain is ruled by religious bureaucrats

Why is the church still such a force in our society when most of us disregard its teachings and never attend services?

These B&B owners have been punished for being faithful to Christian teaching

Their faith says sex should only take place within marriage, the law says they must not discriminate

Persecution? These Christian hoteliers have no idea

The law should triumph over prejudice, says the Chief Executive of Stonewall, the gay rights campaign group

Fostering prejudice

A Christian couple have been banned from fostering children because of their views on homosexuality. But is any family home better than social care? Writers offer contrasting opinions

No religion

A large proportion of the British population consider themselves to have no religion

World religions

The religious profile of the world is changing.