Climate change
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What is climate change?

The threat to polar bears

Sea-ice loss from climate change is the single largest threat to polar bear survival

Global ice loss

The Earth lost 28 trillion tonnes of ice in 23 years...

Global carbon emissions

Large economies such as China, the United States, and India alone account for almost half the world’s emissions...but they aren’t the worst offenders when population size is taken into account

Why sea ice matters

Arctic sea ice is vital to the life of the animals and people of the polar regions - and, to all of us.

Climate Change Performance Index

How countries compared

Concern about climate change

Opinions are shifting in the UK

Climate change and cars

What the public thinks and what the future might be.

Climate change: Emission comparisons

The environmental impact of travelling

Climate change and air travel

Air travel contributes to pollution – but what are we willing to do about it?

Melting ice caps, rising seas

The latest report from the U.N. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change contains dramatic warnings about inevitable consequences of human actions, and worse to come

Polar melt

Sea ice is disappearing in both the Arctic and Antarctic

Natural disasters

Millions of people have been affected by catastrophes caused by climate or earth movements

The water crisis

Climate change is contributing to a growing water crisis and putting the lives of millions of children at risk.

Nature's Emergency

Statistics from the United Nations show that 75% of the land environment and 66% of the marine environment has been “severely altered” by human actions.

What climate change means for Britain

There's no escaping these problems - but there might be a few opportunities too

If climate change didn't exist, would we have to invent it?

Even if all the climate scientists are mistaken, we would still benefit from improving the way we treat the planet

How climate change will affect these lives

A look at the way two newborn babies in different parts of the world will be affected

Climate extremes

Climate change is reaching disturbing new levels across the Earth

Global warming worries

People around the world are concerned

Climate change & attitudes

Protecting the environment is an important issue for many people - and they think more could be done.

Paradise almost lost

The beautiful Maldives are threatened by climate change and an island full of rubbish

Greenland reaps benefits of global warming

Tomatoes and green peppers are being grown among glaciers in the Arctic Circle

Climate or coal

Coal-fired power plants are a major source of greenhouse gases