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Science education

What motivates young people towards a career in science?

What good is information if our children can't understand it?

Susan Greenfield believes that computers in schools could do more harm than good as young people seem to be losing the ability to concentrate

10 things about work, life and money every child should know

Most youngsters leave education knowing little about the worlds of work and money. Here are the key tips Money Saving Expert Martin Lewis would give to his younger self

Don't treat young men like sex-crazed monsters

The media would have us believe that boys are all corrupted by porn and aggressive by nature. Ally Fogg says that's not true.

Sex education must be more than plastic penises and condoms

British sex education needs a full overhaul: to teach not just biology but the emotional and physical realities of sex

Sex education is key if the teenage pregnancy rate is to continue to fall

The teenage pregnancy rate is at its lowest for 45 years, yet it is still one of the highest in Western Europe. Should sex and relationship education be compulsory in schools?

This is what sex education should look like

It's time that sex education caught up with the present experience of young people - starting with an understanding of 'consent'

It is time for girls to toughen up

Girls need to be taught how to deal with difficult situations

French is boring. German is dull?

Not if you’re learning about tattoos, tweets or dating etiquette

First person: Graham Holter was agnostic, now he's an atheist...

Personal account of what it's like when your children 'embrace the lord'.

Christianity is part of our history so should be taught to children - it is not indoctrination

British children need to know about the religion that shaped their culture

Why I've taken my son out of school for a year...

A different kind of education - travelling the world.

Creating is not just a 'nice' activity; it transforms, connects and empowers

Children must be allowed to make things, including making a mess, if they are to develop into fully-rounded human beings.

Young people and money

Financial education in schools and colleges