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Money matters

A snapshot of how people manage their money

10 things about work, life and money every child should know

Most youngsters leave education knowing little about the grown-up worlds of work and money. Here are the key tips Money Saving Expert Martin Lewis would give to his younger self

Debt snapshot

The number of people seeking help with debt problems hit a record high in 2016

Managing money

Three-quarters of Britons say they are coping well financially but over half are worried about bills

Deep in debt

Personal debts in Britain are so high that we owe more than we earn!

A friend owes me £ 800

This girl asks agony aunts how she can get money back from her friend who is having difficulties

Loaning money

People who loan their money to friends and family lose about 40 pounds a year when they are not paid back

Debt sentence

The recession has increased the strain of university costs and parents are finding it harder to support their child financially

Value of university

Many students said their education was not value for money, but very few said they would NOT to go to university at all if they had the chance.

Students & money

Students have deep concerns about their finances and still have to rely on support from their parents - especially in emergencies.

Loaded loans

Are payday loans easing the burden of debt or increasing it?

To tackle personal debt we need to tackle inequality first!

Government policies should be tested to see whether they will increase the gap between the richest and the rest