Eating disorders
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Waiting for treatment

Timely treatment for an eating disorder is vital

How common are eating disorders

Screening for evidence

What are eating disorders?

Eating disorder diagnoses

An estimated 1.25 million people in the UK have an eating disorder

Eating disorder admissions

Hospital admissions for eating disorders have almost trebled over the past nine years

Media myths about eating disorders

Sufferers were asked about their experiences of the media

How can you tell if someone has an eating disorder?

Imagine you were concerned that a friend had an eating disorder. How would you know if you were right? What should you do about it?

Boys don't cry

Men have eating disorders too

Would you notice someone developing an eating disorder?

Many people in the UK still do not know how to identify an eating disorder in the crucial early stages

I think I have an eating disorder

A personal account of the decline into illness, and how to recover

I've seen the agony of anorexia

The newspaper pictures of Laura Willmott, who died aged 18 after starving herself down to five stone show an exceptionally pretty young girl - but one who was already very sick

I had anorexia - but not because I wanted to look like a fashion model

Hadley Freeman tells us that banning photographs of skinny models would not have prevented her from spending three years in psychiatric units.

Anorexia is not a fad or glamorous

I didn't know it but I was well in the grips of anorexia and denial was a huge part of that.

'I told my daughter she was selfish for having anorexia'

When our daughter Gemma developed anorexia at the age of 10, my husband Dennis and I were completely devastated.

Enhancing male body image

Some tips for individuals and families on how to survive the pressure to conform to a standard.

My daughter begged me to eat

Anorexia isn't something that only affects teenagers. Personal account of a mother who just couldn't see the effect it had on her family

The woman who only ever eats Monster Munch

Her diet is bizarre, but is it actually harmful?

The obese want to have their equality cake and eat it too

Abusing people because they are different is wrong, but those who are overweight can change the way they are

What should I do about my overweight niece?

Should you express your worries and risk a family argument?

My brother is eating himself to death

Lionel Shriver feared her brother's weight problem would kill him. Days after this article was published, he died

I was only 16. I didn't think it was actually about me

Before the year 2000 there were no reported cases of type 2 diabetes in under 18s in the UK. By 2016 there were almost 600. Hollie was one of them.

Paltrow's recipe for eating disorders

Should celebrities take on roles as food experts?

Don't blame celebrities or pro-ana websites for the rise in eating disorders

A personal account of anorexia that explains why preventing eating disorders isn't simply about banning websites

Model scouts outside anorexia clinics

The fashion industry must take responsibility for its promotion of eating disorders

In need of support?

Most teachers have encountered students with mental health issues