Equality and sport

Fair enough?

Can gender rules be fair to Caster Semenya and her rivals?

Cheating in sport is becoming ever harder to judge

There are many issues to deal with in trying to ensure fairness in sport - doping, technology and now gender.

Stumble at the starting block

Despite being a record breaking athlete, Richard Whitehead cannot compete in a paralympic event because he has the wrong disability

Ignored and unpaid (female) sporting heroes

England are world champions in netball but you wouldn't know it

Cheating at sport

Pressure to win can turn children into sports cheats

How active are women

Despite recent Olympic fever, British women remain indifferent about sport

Cycling: Women on the slow road

Women's cycling has not had the same support as the men's sport. But some determined women are out to change that

The girl who played boys' football

Personal account: As a 12-year-old girl playing boys' football Niamh McKevitt was unique, and targeted.

It's good news that athletes have failed drugs tests

Denise Lewis is pleased that cheats are exposed and punished.

Running for charity

Women are racing ahead of men when it comes to running for good causes

Active lives

An insight into the physical activity of the nation

What is banned

The world Anti-Doping Agency's list of banned drugs and methods.

Doping - the rules

What is classed as doping, why it is wrong and what happens to those caught doing it.

Complex choices

Some examples demonstrate how complicated it can be to apply the rules about doping in sport.

Faster, Higher, Stronger - Fairer?

Is it fair for transgender athletes to take part in women’s competitions?

My son wants to quit football for dancing - his dad isn't happy

Agony uncle, Graham Norton, advises on a family conflict