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It's time to wean ourselves off the fairytale version of farming

The image of the jolly farmer and his happy animals is embedded in our minds, but the reality is very different.

We don't care how an animal lives, only how it dies

We don't really want to know about filthy pens and crippled animals, so why are we concerned about methods of slaughtering?

My beef isn't with beef: why I stopped being a vegetarian

Eating meat from sustainable farms is more important than being a vegetarian and avoiding the fight all together

There's a population crisis all right. But probably not the one you think

While all eyes are on human numbers, it's the rise in farm animals that is laying the planet waste.

Local produce

People's attitudes to buying food and drink produced or grown in their own country or region.

Young carnivores

Children who eat meat should know how the animals end up on their plate

If you're horrified by a flame-roasted dog, you should be shocked at a hog roast

We protect certain species, but not others.

Fairtrade, ethical eating, and why the choice between buying local and global is a distraction

Global fair trade and buying locally sourced food sound like contradictions

Willy Wonka's fruit and veg factory

There are people working to make fruit and veg ever more appetising, or at least different

Greenland reaps benefits of global warming

Tomatoes and green peppers are being grown among glaciers in the Arctic Circle

From cage to grave: The short, unpleasant life of a game bird

The head of the League Against Cruel Sports explains why she thinks pheasant shooting is wrong.