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When daddy is just an optional extra

Forget the debate about working mothers; it's fathers who get a raw deal in bringing up baby

Why are men still ignored when we talk about miscarriage?

While it is couples who are 'having a baby', miscarriages only happen to women. But minimising the grief of fathers is damaging.

My father, the racist

Chris and his Indian partner, Mira, are having a baby. Her family are thrilled and so are his - all except his father, who votes BNP and can't see past skin that isn't white

Zannah's thoughts

Personal account of what it is like knowing you are alive because of donor conception

Who's your daddy?

Reflects on how one man disowned the girl he had raised for 16 years after discovering he was not her biological father

Nothing 'Step' About This Father, He's Every Bit a Dad

A personal account of a relationship which can be rocky - but in this case was a success

Our dad abandoned the family. How can we forgive him?

Virginia Ironside gives advice to a young girl whose family has been affected by their father's actions

Children and divorce: the father's case

The law seems to be decades behind the times when it comes to child care and custody after a divorce

It's definitely tough, but is it tough love?

A father's bitter email to his grown-up children

Don't lose your bottle

Personal account of a blind father and the prejudice he faced raising his baby daughter

The Supernanny Dad

Eddie Barnes felt superior to the hopeless dads he saw on TV until he became a dad himself

Daddy cool

This writer couldn't give a flying fig what the food police think, as long as his kids are eating

I'm proud my mother left me

The decision to move out and leave two young children to be cared for by their father was hard but right

I sent my abusive father to jail - this is my story

Siobhan doesn't remember when the abuse started - but she remembers when she found the strength to speak out about it. Now she uses her story to encourage others

Daughter inspires ambulance driver to go to university

When he saw his daughter complete a university course while working full-time, this emergency worker realised he too could have a chance to gain a degree

My son wants to quit football for dancing - his dad isn't happy

Agony uncle, Graham Norton, advises on a family conflict

Think you can't run away from your problems? I'm living proof YOU CAN!

Personal account: Christi Daugherty set off for a new life with her mother, brother and budgie - leaving her father behind

My 14 year old son is displaying very strong homosexual tendencies..

Graham Norton advises a concerned father

'How dare these men get sympathy?'

Another father has murdered his children in an act of revenge on their mother. Here a mother tells how it feels to live through that agony

My father gave me my first hit of heroin

Personal account of what brought a father and son closer together and ultimately drove them apart