Food and health
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What are ultra-processed foods?

Four levels of processing - from none to completely manufactured

Ultra harmful?

What is the problem with ultra-processed foods?

Best before or use-by?

Food safety at home

Why sugar is our enemy

And what Action on Sugar wants to do about it


Consuming too much salt is linked to more than 4,000 preventable deaths per year. We need to be aware of how much we are eating and where it is hidden.

Food rules

'Don't eat anything your great grandmother wouldn't recognise as food' and other simple but effective guidelines towards a healthier diet

Do Instagram's lemon-infused water 'detox drinks' actually burn fat?

The truth behind the drinks splashed across social media.

I was only 16. I didn't think it was actually about me

Before the year 2000 there were no reported cases of type 2 diabetes in under 18s in the UK. By 2016 there were almost 600. Hollie was one of them.

Extreme diet is a way to tackle diabetes

A plan to reduce the effects of diabetes through a very low-calorie diet.

Diabetes: Myths and facts

The truth about diabetes.

Microplastics in our bodies

Microplastics are entering our bodies through food, drinks and the air we breathe

Eating habits

The rising cost of living has forced families to change their cooking habits

Junk food and ready meals

The eating habits of people across Europe

Eating out and takeaways

Food safety outside the home

Health benefits

Supplement consumption has risen since the start of the pandemic... but do we really need to take them?