Food science and myths
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Extreme diet is a way to tackle diabetes

A plan to reduce the effects of diabetes through a very low-calorie diet.

The jellyfish tastes better with music

Sight, sound and touch: the scientific eating hacks that change how food tastes.

Would you eat a burger grown in a laboratory?

Meat developed from stem cells and grown in fermentation vats is one way to supply increasing demand. But would consumers eat it?

Don't believe the science!

The truth behind the scientific claims made by cosmetic and health food companies

Why sugar is our enemy

And what Action on Sugar wants to do about it


Consuming too much salt is linked to more than 4,000 preventable deaths per year. We need to be aware of how much we are eating and where it is hidden.

Buying benefits?

What would you buy to improve your health?

Food rules

'Don't eat anything your great grandmother wouldn't recognise as food' and other simple but effective guidelines towards a healthier diet

Paltrow's recipe for eating disorders

Should celebrities take on roles as food experts?

Do Instagram's lemon-infused water 'detox drinks' actually burn fat?

The truth behind the drinks splashed across social media.

Are burgers as bad as cigarettes?

We are bombarded with messages about good and bad foods. But how much of the science can be applied to everyday life?

Breeding flies and edible plastic: the kitchen of the future

You might have heard of edible insects, but have you considered eating plastic? From 3D printed nutrients to smartphone-controlled mini gardens, this is the future of the humble kitchen.