Free speech
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Freedom on the net

Threats to internet freedom are growing

Strong religious belief is no excuse for intimidation

The right to free speech is being eroded because people don't want to offend others

Protests at abortion clinics - harassment or free speech?

Abortion is a legal right and so is free speech. What happens when these rights collide?

Being an abortion doctor has taught me a lot about life

In a personal account, a doctor concludes, 'It's never an easy decision and I'm grateful I can help them at a difficult time.'

The right to offend

The French magazine Charlie Hebdo was rude, crude and offensive. Exactly the qualities which are essential for real freedom of speech.

A cartoonist's response to the Charlie Hebdo attacks

The acclaimed graphic artist and journalist Joe Sacco on the limits of satire - and what it means if Muslims don't find it funny

Disability for beginners

A journalist diagnosed with multiple sclerosis faces an all too certain future with apprehension, but also a degree of conviction

Human rights matter

Which are most important to British adults?

Everyday sexism starts on Page Three and ends up in our lives

Two campaigns aim to change this

Fully veiled women hinder progressive Islam

Toleration is good but not when it prevents a fair trial or free speech

EDL have right to protest but are not welcome here

Civic leaders want to allow free speech without welcoming bigotry

Should BNP teachers be banned?

This writer believes we should tolerate people

It's time the media treated Muslims fairly

Nearly all news stories about Muslims are negative. This acceptable form of bigotry is tearing society apart.