Gender and children
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The value of girls' education

What is lost when girls are excluded

Are girls better than boys?

Why do people presume you should have one of each sex to complete a family?

How Darth Vader defends my daughter's right to be a girl

A young girl's enthusiasm for Star Wars is having a positive influence and opening minds.

Blue for a boy and pink for a girl. Is it beige for a gender-neutral baby?

Some parents believe that the way we raise boys and girls with separate expectations is wrong. Can they really avoid stereotyping by keeping their children gender-neutral?

Gender unknown

To avoid stereotyping, a Swedish couple are trying to bring up their child without saying whether it is a boy or a girl.

Boy or girl? You choose...

Libby Purves is horrified by a clinic which helps parents to select the gender of their unborn child

Parenting a transgender child

A personal account: "The day my four-year- old son told me he was a girl".

Alternative Princesses

Princesses don't have to be passive husband-hunters

Harassment at school

Experiences of students and teachers

Not just a girl

This mother wanted her daughter to know about and look up to inspirational women

Grown up at 12?

Have today's children lost out on precious years of childhood? Children need time to grow up

It is time for girls to toughen up

Girls need to be taught how to deal with difficult situations

What (not) to wear in school

School uniform can cause all sorts of problems, but so can the lack of it. Who should decide what is appropriate ?- and why?

Don't treat young men like sex-crazed monsters

The media would have us believe that boys are all corrupted by porn and aggressive by nature. Ally Fogg says that's not true.

The girl who played boys' football

Personal account: As a 12-year-old girl playing boys' football Niamh McKevitt was unique, and targeted.