Gender, work and pay
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Gender and pay

Gender pay comparison

Ten things you should know about the gender pay gap

Some mythbusting truths about unequal pay.

Equal opportunities

Most people want men and women to have equal opportunities

Hours and earnings

There is a huge gap between the average earnings of the highest and lowest paid people

The power of play

Do your childhood toys dictate your future career? Toys may influence what you believe you can and can't do

Women are to fight on the front line. Now the battle really begins

The decision has been made. Here's why the arguments against it just don't stand up.

Make job sharing more rewarding

We need to learn to work differently. Job sharing means two productive workers instead of one stressed-out one.

Keeping up appearances

Ben Goldacre has scientific proof that women are judged on their appearance

Occupations & earnings

Which are the highest and lowest paying jobs in Great Britain?

The class ceiling is worse than the glass ceiling ever was

Personal account: It was class more than gender that held Louise Cooper back.

Work and gender

Does your gender affect the work you want to do?

You can't be what you can't see

Images of women in the media don't reflect the whole of their lives and don't help young women to achieve their potential.

Women are given a tougher time in interviews than men, scientists find

According to researchers, women are more likely to be interrupted mid-sentence, suggesting there is a gender imbalance in top jobs.

Making a living

The most desired jobs in Britain are not what you might expect; they are not even the most reliably well paid ones.

Prejudice isn't what keeps men out of nurseries

Why is there such a gender divide in some professions?