If every man or woman's home is their castle, who cares if it costs £1 to buy?

Is a home scheme in Stoke-on-Trent a step in the right direction towards solving the nation's housing problems?

Housing crisis: did damp and crowding contribute to cot death?

A baby was found dead in her cot below fungus growing out of the wall in a flat on a York housing estate

The Liverpool locals who took control of their long-neglected streets

After 30 years of neglect, a few remaining residents have taken the future of the neighbourhood into their own hands.

Living with parents

More young adults are living with their parents - and it is men who are most likely to stay at home

Long-term renting is 'damaging children's lives'

When families have to move because of rising rents, children lose out on friends, school and stability

Let's take the housing fight to wealthy owners with empty spare rooms

Eight million homes have more space than they need. Let's encourage sharing - or even enforce it - says George Monbiot

Issues facing Britain

A snapshot of opinion

Kindness of pub regulars who rescued homeless man forced to sleep rough

Pub customers rallied round to put this man back on his feet and into a home of his own.

Benefits Street: How it feels for those of us who are judged because of our background

Channel 4's programme implies that you should be ashamed to be raised on a housing estate with poor people

Trends in home ownership

Over the last century, the pattern of home ownership has changed

Generation rent

From a nation of home owners we are becoming a nation of renters


The gap between earnings and house prices puts buying a home out of reach of many people

Supply and demand

For decades housing supply has failed to keep up with demand