Human Rights
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Human rights matter

Which are most important to British adults?

Women's rights are human rights

How women are being denied basic human rights around the world every single day

A war against women

The education of girls has been proved to bring change to deprived areas throughout the world. But for girls in Afghanistan, even learning to read is dangerous

I'm a conscientious objector

Personal account of a woman who would not contribute towards her country's military campaign

Countries that kill

2015 saw the highest number of LEGAL executions in more than 25 years

Dignity and the decent facility

Sanitary engineers regard toilets as a health aid. But women know they are more than that

Who's your daddy?

Reflects on how one man disowned the girl he had raised for 16 years after discovering he was not her biological father

Australian dream

A powerful speech condemns the racism of Australian society and pleads for unity.

Why we're debating 1788 and all that

Was Australia 'discovered' by the British or 'invaded' by them? The term used reveals a lot about racial attitudes

School uniform and the law

Is a strict uniform policy good for discipline or a breach of human rights?

These B&B owners have been punished for being faithful to Christian teaching

Their faith says sex should only take place within marriage, the law says they must not discriminate

Faith symbols

There is overwhelming public support for the freedom to wear small religious items at work... but not for the burka

In Saudi Arabia, women are confined by technology

In Saudi Arabia, women are treated as legal minors, no matter how old they are

They are right to ban the burka, even if it is for the wrong reasons

Yasmin Alibhai-Brown is in favour of banning a garment which is 'a statement about the position of women'


Life - and death - on the production line that makes some of our favourite technology

Maternity laws should consider employers too

The pregnant employee has rights that might cost other workers their jobs or owners their businesses

Too young to be a criminal

In the UK our age of criminal responsibility is set too low making it meaningless and inhumane

Remembrance isn't only about those who fought but also about those who refused

We mustn't let nostalgia get in the way of a real understanding of the costs of war.

The right to offend

The French magazine Charlie Hebdo was rude, crude and offensive. Exactly the qualities which are essential for real freedom of speech.

I was questioned over my harmless snapshot

An innocent picture resulted in questioning by the police

The obese want to have their equality cake and eat it too

Abusing people because they are different is wrong, but those who are overweight can change the way they are

Which countries are free?

The Freedom in the World report looks at the rights and freedoms of individuals in 195 countries and 15 territories

Social progress

An index reveals where countries need to improve.


The majority of people believe women should be equal to men, yet many women still don't believe they are treated that way.

Journalists in danger

Every year journalists and their support workers face serious dangers while doing their jobs.

Journalists in exile

Every year, dozens of journalists are forced to leave their home country under threat of imprisonment, torture, violence, or even death

Journalists in prison

Free speech is not guaranteed in every country. Around the world, 124 journalists were jailed on 'anti-state' charges.

Untouchable, unwelcome and uneducated - why India's poorest children are not receiving an education

Why India's poorest children are not receiving an education

Admit it. You love cheap clothes. And you don't care about child slave labour

Companies,western consumers and India are still turning a blind eye to brutal conditions in garment factories

Is drug taking just a matter for the individual?

Writers from very different backgrounds think it is a matter of personal choice

The right to say 'no'

Early marriage is common in Pakistan even though it is illegal, but groups within the country think education can help prevent it

Persecution? These Christian hoteliers have no idea

The law should triumph over prejudice, says the Chief Executive of Stonewall, the gay rights campaign group

A cartoonist's response to the Charlie Hebdo attacks

The acclaimed graphic artist and journalist Joe Sacco on the limits of satire - and what it means if Muslims don't find it funny