Internet safety

Is social media harming you?

As a young Brit you spend more time than most on the net. What is that doing to you?

What does censoring Wikipedia tell us about the way the internet is policed?

The album cover that raised a censorship debate


Your social media habits could harm your job prospects

If the Face(book) fits

How your Facebook profile could make or marr your job prospects

It's time to update your password

Think of a password that is impossible for you to forget but equally impossible for anybody else to guess.

In-game abuse

The extent and nature of bullying in online gaming

Internet use and overuse

Many users are taking a digital detox to prevent their internet use from taking over their lives

The internet: positives & negatives

Young people's experiences of online empowerment and online hate

The internet: What parents worry about

Concerns about what children are doing and seeing online

EU kids online

Has the internet become any safer for young people?

Schools threaten to inform police if students are allowed to play 18+ video games at home!

Are they helping parents or overstepping their authority?

Checking after dark

Young people are losing sleep because of their mobile phones

Social media is harming the mental health of teenagers. The state has to act

The pressure to be perfect and always available is overwhelming many young people.

Mums, I spy on my kids on Facebook and so should you

Actress Julianne Moore admits she spies on her children through Facebook and Instagram. The writer, another snooping mum, says the parents who care are the ones who spy

Do you know where your children go online?

Sexting, bullying and getting round security settings - young people explain what really happens on the internet despite parental controls

At risk?

Myths about internet use and safety over-simplify what is actually happening

Friend... or stranger?

As children's use of the internet increases - so too does risk

Safer internet

Young people's attitudes towards online rights and responsibilities

Toddlers are becoming so addicted to iPads they require therapy

Children as young as four are becoming so addicted to smartphones and iPads that they require psychological treatment

Cyber safe

Someone taking their personal data is the biggest concern for EU internet users

Big brother is watching us

A council wants to give parents the software to spy on their kids' internet habits. Is this a good idea or an invasion of privacy?