Internet safety
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Harassment online

Young people’s experiences

It's time to update your password

Think of a password that is impossible for you to forget but equally impossible for anybody else to guess.

Internet trolls

Freedom of the internet is a wonderful thing, even if it encourages trolls. Right?

Bad influencer

Andrew Tate has a huge online following. Does that make him dangerous?


What it is, who does it, how to stop it.

Online Safety Act

What it does

Scams and fraud

Attempts at deception

Suspicious communication

How often they occur and how people respond

Types of online scams and fraud

11 of the most common types

Online risk: Myths and facts

There are risks online - but not as much harm as we may think

Online identity

Are young people free to be themselves online?

Online in Europe

What young people are experiencing

The law on sexting

Young people do not realise that they are committing a crime.

Harmful content

Young people are being exposed to negative online experiences

What parents worry about

Concerns about online activities

Impact of life online

The positives and negatives according to young people

Why a police record for sexting teen?

A boy who sent a naked picture to a girl ended up humiliated, isolated and on the police database. Is this what should have happened?

Sharing online

People behave differently when they are behind a screen

In-game abuse

The extent and nature of bullying in online gaming

That noob is rekt!

Video games offer an escape from the everyday world - but not from abuse and bullying.

Checking after dark

Young people are losing sleep because of their mobile phones

Social media is harming the mental health of teenagers

The pressure to be perfect and always available is overwhelming many young people.

I spy on my kids online and so should you

Actress Julianne Moore admits she spies on her children online. The writer, another snooping mum, says the parents who care are the ones who spy