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World religions

The religious profile of the world is changing.

What Muslim pilgrims travelling to Mecca can teach us about the refugee crisis

Living a frugal life on the Hajj helps us understand the plight of those who have nothing to rely on but each other.

A conversation with a Muslim London taxi driver after the Paris attacks that should shame us all

"What am I supposed to tell my son? When what he sees about Islam on the news isn't what his religion is about."

15 things I learnt about Islam and British values as a gay boy living opposite a mosque

We all love tea, are really polite and tut rather than saying something, no matter our religion!

Why is halal meat an issue?

Animal rights come before religion Is this always the case? And how much do most of us think about either of these when we are buying meat?

We don't care how an animal lives, only how it dies

We don't really want to know about filthy pens and crippled animals, so why are we concerned about methods of slaughtering?

Allah vs atheism

'Leaving Islam was the hardest thing I've done'

It's time the media treated Muslims fairly

Nearly all news stories about Muslims are negative. This acceptable form of bigotry is tearing society apart.

I wanted to tell the inside story of Islam

Ed Husain is the author of the controversial book 'The Islamist'. Here he explains what life is like on the inside of extreme Islam

In a generation, everything has changed for British Muslim women

Personal account: A mother and daughter both married men from Pakistan... but their divorces were quite different

Fully veiled women hinder progressive Islam

Toleration is good but not when it prevents a fair trial or free speech

The illegal, underground ballerinas of Iran

Dancing is illegal in the Middle Eastern state, but that hasn't stopped renegade ballet teachers and students from staging classes in secret.

A cartoonist's response to the Charlie Hebdo attacks

The acclaimed graphic artist and journalist Joe Sacco on the limits of satire - and what it means if Muslims don't find it funny

The right to offend

The French magazine Charlie Hebdo was rude, crude and offensive. Exactly the qualities which are essential for real freedom of speech.