Newspaper bias

Newspapers don't just report the facts

Journalists in exile

Every year, dozens of journalists are forced to leave their home country under threat of imprisonment, torture, violence, or even death

Telling the truth

Who do we think are the most trustworthy people?

Why Blog del Narco has become the most important website in Mexico

The power of the drug cartels has forced Mexico's media into silence - but Blog del Narco details their activities and atrocities

A surprising tale of three catastrophic photographs

A world-renowned war photographer includes inspiration and hope in his photographs

Journalists in prison

Free speech is not guaranteed in every country. Around the world, 124 journalists were jailed on 'anti-state' charges.

Journalists in danger

Every year journalists and their support workers face serious dangers while doing their jobs.

When does a tabloid become crude propaganda?

When it starts printing it, says Charlie Brooker

I am ashamed to call myself a journalist

When radio journalist John Darvall became part of a news story he lost faith in the ability of his profession to get importantly facts straight.

Farewell to America

Journalist Gary Younge reflects on his 12 years reporting on the United States and the 'gruesome certainty' that another black man will be killed by law officers.

Reporter's dilemma: 'Elation and unease' at helping Pakistan flood child

Is it right for a journalist to intervene to help a dying baby? What about all the other people needing help?

The unique advantage of female war reporters in Muslim countries

Most of the first correspondents to file reports from Gaza when the latest conflict began were women - and that's not surprising

Our shameful hierarchy - some deaths matter more than others

Why is the slaughter at the Boston marathon more shocking or newsworthy than the deaths in Iraq?

The citizen reporters covering ground professional journalists cannot tread

New digital technology is enabling volunteer journalists around the world to uncover stories of political injustice and corruption.

Humanity is better than the media suggests

The media could help us to understand what we share with other people and cultures if only it focused more on the good news

What are you like?

What's the truth about young people today? It's not what newspapers tell us

Media trust

Despite media scandals, trust has actually increased

Bad news

How the media portrays teenage boys affects our opinions of them

It's time the media treated Muslims fairly

Nearly all news stories about Muslims are negative. This acceptable form of bigotry is tearing society apart.

Christian news coverage is unfair

Lauren is fed up with the media only covering the bad bits of the Christian church, and thinks it should focus more on the good things it does too

The demonisation of the disabled is a chilling sign of our times

Journalists and politicians are portraying disabled people as scroungers

Trust in the media

People are increasingly concerned about the spread of misinformation

A cartoonist's response to the Charlie Hebdo attacks

The acclaimed graphic artist and journalist Joe Sacco on the limits of satire - and what it means if Muslims don't find it funny

Coming out - is it always something to celebrate?

Positive role models are an important part of all our lives - we should praise those who 'come out' but also those who never hid their sexuality