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What is hate crime?

Definitions and examples of hate crime

Hostile looks

A 20 year old woman was beaten to death because she was a Goth. Her case inspired Greater Manchester Police to record violence against 'alternative' groups as hate crimes

The pain of mother courage

Any parent might be forgiven for protecting a child but this mother chose a braver way

The Stephen Lawrence legacy

After his racially-motivated murder in 1993, the parents of Stephen Lawrence had to fight for justice. What has changed and what has not?

When is it right to take the law into our own hands?

One committed a violent attack on a burglar. The other was guilty of the mercy killing of her brain damaged son. One is free, the other starting a nine year sentence

Supporting the right to die always runs the risk

A mother killed her brain-damaged, comatose son because she couldn't bear to see him suffer. Did she have the right to choose for him?

Why a police record for sexting teen?

A boy who sent a naked picture to a girl ended up humiliated, isolated and on the police database. Is this what should have happened?

Compassion or crime?

A father asks you to rescue his child - but to do it you have to break the law. What do you do?

Tears of joy and sorrow

Two families, and an eighteen year old in turmoil

What is capital punishment

Definitions, purpose and some examples

Death Penalty: for and against

The arguments on either side

Three crucial cases

That helped to change the law

Mrs Justice Thirlwall: The one woman Philpott couldn't defeat

When Mick Philpott tried to blame others for the fire that killed his children the judge issued a judgement so razor-sharp that this writer felt like punching the air

Dear victim...

A young burglar's mocking letter of apology

Why I forgave the man who raped me

Restorative justice not only helped the attacker - it turned the victim into a survivor

Rape – the journey through the justice system

Reporting, prosecutions and convictions

A survivor's tale

Eva Kor gave a damning testimony yet demonstrated amazing forgiveness at the trial of Oskar Groening. Here she tells how both truth and compassion have contributed to her survival.

The trial of Oskar Groening

Can prosecuting an elderly man, who was a cog in the Nazi machine, contribute to justice or is it merely revenge?