A snapshot of family structures and relationships within them


People are relaxed about marriage itself, but are attached to wedding traditions

Marriage keeps us happy - don't let laws erode it

Allowing unmarried couples to have the same legal status as married ones will only be good for the lawyers

Sex, marriage and parenthood

Attitudes to sex before marriage have become more relaxed, but marriage is seen as important if you want to have children.

Children and divorce: the father's case

The law seems to be decades behind the times when it comes to child care and custody after a divorce

Probability of Divorce

The average marriage is expected to last for 32 years

Getting married the South African way

A BBC reporter explains that he was happy to pay the traditional price for the woman he loved, but then came the dancing!

Unusual Arrangements

Marriage is a big deal - but attitudes in India may be changing if these small ads are a clue.

In a generation, everything has changed for British Muslim women

Personal account: A mother and daughter both married men from Pakistan... but their circumstances and attitudes towards divorce could not have been more different

Child brides

"Child marriage denies girls their childhood, deprives them of an education and robs them of their innocence" - yet it is common in some countries

The right to say 'no'

Early marriage is common in Pakistan even though it is illegal, but groups within the country think education can help prevent it

Family figures

Although the nature of the family is gradually changing, married couples are still the most common family type