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Let's hear it for the boys

Have women's achievements been at the expense of men?

Why Men Never Discuss Body Image Issues

Men need to own up to their worries if they are going to overcome them

Toxic terms

The language of the "manosphere".

The words that damage boys

Boys don’t cry – and other damaging lies

Bad influencer

Andrew Tate has a huge online following. Does that make him dangerous?

What is toxic masculinity?

Definitions and examples.

Why are men more likely than women to take their own life?

Women are more likely to experience mental health problems but the majority of those who commit suicide are men. What can explain this?

To tackle male suicide, we have to change what it means to be a man

There is a male suicide every two hours in the UK. Is 'toxic masculinity' part of the problem?

'I'm a big, strapping bloke. Who would believe I was a victim of domestic abuse?'

Male victims of domestic abuse are 'less visible and given less priority', according to a new report. Two survivors explain why this needs to change.

Snap judgements

How we regard people - before we have even met

Don't treat young men like sex-crazed monsters

The media would have us believe that boys are all corrupted by porn and aggressive by nature. Ally Fogg says that's not true.

Body image issues are not just for women

We are all victims of the media within our perfection-focused society. Men have to face unrealistic expectations just as women do.

Enhancing male body image

Some tips for individuals and families on how to survive the pressure to conform to a standard.

To men I love, about men who scare me

Laura Munoz explains how everyday harassment affects your behaviour and attitudes.

Lad culture is a symptom of misogyny, not the cause

is a symptom of misogyny, not the causeFor some 'being a man' means despising women, and the roots of this go very deep.

Not gay, not straight

For many young people there is no need to define 'what' they are - their sexual identity is doesn't fit a label.


What gender do people identify with?

The girl who played boys' football

Personal account: As a 12-year-old girl playing boys' football Niamh McKevitt was unique, and targeted.

Looking good

Both men and women worry about their looks - but their concerns are not the same.