Medical ethics
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Assisted dying: public opinion

Views on allowing terminally ill adults to end their life

Physician-Assisted Dying: doctors' views

Assisting another person's death is against UK law. What do doctors think about proposed changes?

Who decides?

Who should have the final say in the life of a child? The tragedy of Charlie Gard - a child with a rare, incurable condition - raises major questions

Animals in research

Facts and figures

MMR Myths - the Wakefield Scandal

Fake research, false connections and panic.

Big pharma's worst nightmare

One man's fight against the medicine manufacturers who put profit before people's health.

If we screen out autism we run the risk of losing genius too

As the number of disorders identifiable by prenatal testing grows, the debate about how to handle them is intensifying

Letting the genetic genie out of the bottle

Once we allow the manipulation of human genes there is no going back. Are we prepared for the consequences?

Parents of a Down's child must make painful choices

While you can celebrate diversity, the lives of people with Down's syndrome will be tough and difficult

A better way of death

The story of three people with terminal illnesses who used social media to make something positive out of their dreadful situation

Doctors always listen to the child

Can a child, no matter how eloquent, really comprehend death? Doctor Max Pemberton discusses

Hannah Jones: 'I have been in hospital too much'

Imagine you are the child-protection officer listening to Hannah say she does not want a life-saving heart transplant

The NHS prioritising those with a 'healthy lifestyle'?

Bit tubby? Back of the queue. Smoker? Back of the queue. Drinker? Back of the queue. Natasha Devon was pre-judged because she was a 'big girl'. She nearly died