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Common Mental Health Disorders

Definitions of common mental health disorders

Life in a pandemic

The impact on young people's mental health in the UK

Young people's mental health

The number of children and young people experiencing mental health difficulties in England has risen

Mental health - useful links

Charities and services

School in a pandemic

The impact of returning to school with a mental health condition

Future worries in a pandemic

The concerns of young people with a mental health condition

Sporting tips

Help with the stress of everyday life

Dark blues

There is often little understanding of clinical depression, especially in some jobs, as this personal account by a police officer testifies


Hospital admissions for children and young people

Feeling ok?

Mental wellbeing of young people

What is self-harm?

The facts and ways to help

Speaking out on schizophrenia

A personal account by someone who says we should listen to those with direct experience, not the scaremongers in the media

You're not alone

The first step to getting better is accepting that you need help - a young man's experience with depression.

Why we need to talk about OCD

A sufferer explains the torment of not being able to stifle her thoughts and rituals.

Social anxiety at school: the best actor in the world's worst play

Sarah disguised her anxiety behind a smile. But breaking down and speaking to someone was the first step in dealing with it.

'I feel like I'm dying'

The overwhelming effects of panic attacks - and how to deal with them.

'Black dog's' return doesn't scare me as much as it did

Actress Denise Welch is a spokesperson for the mental health charity, Mind. Here she explains how you can't simply 'snap out of' depression

The hidden pain of sporting stars

The pressure sports stars are under can contribute to depression

A moment of kindness

A simple act of kindness by a stranger made all the difference to this writer's life and mental health

No wonder our ex-soldiers are looking for a fight

A survey reveals disturbing truths about members of our armed forces

Someone to talk to

Most children and young people have some aspect of their lives they worry about ... but most have relationships in their lives which support them

10 things I wish I'd known when I was a teenage girl at school

Emma Barnett, a former stress-head, gives her younger self a good talking to.

What bothers young people?

Young people are having to deal with serious issues

In need of support?

Most teachers have encountered students with mental health issues

Social media is harming the mental health of teenagers

The pressure to be perfect and always available is overwhelming many young people.

School stress

Young people feel under pressure at school and many don't know where to turn for help.

Why are men still ignored when we talk about miscarriage?

While it is couples who are 'having a baby', miscarriages only happen to women. But minimising the grief of fathers is damaging.

Benefits of exercise

Physical activity and mental health