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Lad culture is a symptom of misogyny, not the cause

is a symptom of misogyny, not the causeFor some 'being a man' means despising women, and the roots of this go very deep.

In Saudi Arabia, women are confined by technology

In Saudi Arabia, women are treated as legal minors, no matter how old they are

My aunt said I was wicked

A personal account of a girl's abuse that was hushed up for the sake of family honour

Egypt's women-only taxi service promises protection from male drivers

Pink Taxi is a response to widespread sexual harassment but critics say it segregates women without addressing the problem.

A woman's opinion is the mini skirt of the internet

Like many women writers, Laurie Penny has received insults and death threats because she dared to express an opinion

This isn't an anti-feminist backlash - it's a brutal war on women, without rules

Yasmin Alibhai-Brown argues that throughout the world women are not safe and are not prospering.

We need more men to fight sexism

Heckling, groping, harassment. Every woman has a story to tell

I'd hear three rape jokes a day

A 17 year old's personal experience of sexism in the classroom., She urges us all - teenagers, parents and teachers - to act

To men I love, about men who scare me

Laura Munoz explains how everyday harassment affects your behaviour and attitudes.

Women are given a tougher time in interviews than men, scientists find

According to researchers, women are more likely to be interrupted mid-sentence, suggesting there is a gender imbalance in top jobs.

Harassment online

Young people’s experiences

Harassment at school

Experiences of students and teachers

These slut walk women are simply fighting for their right to be dirty

Germaine Greer says that in reclaiming the word 'slut' women are expressing their right to dress as they like and to ignore the housework