Weighty issues

The number of obese adults is increasing

Overweight young people

More young people are an unhealthy weight.

I was only 16. I didn't think it was actually about me

Before the year 2000 there were no reported cases of type 2 diabetes in children under the age of 18 in the UK. By 2016 there were almost 600 children with the disease.

Brains v bulge: the fat-fighting university where success can hinge on a BMI test

The oldest African-American college in the US is to force obese students on fitness courses before they can graduate

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Lionel Shriver feared her brother's weight problem would kill him. Days after this article was published, he died

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Calories and class

How class affects your diet and your health

Why sugar is our enemy

And what Action on Sugar wants to do about it

Wrong weight

Parents and children are not always good at judging what is a healthy weight

It's time to think big to tackle obesity crisis

It will take more than slimming clubs to sort this out

Man weighing 39 stone gets special council house...

Should our system of social care really pay out for people who make no effort to help themselves?