How strict should parents be with their children?

Why don't we encourage young people to grow up?

Something in the way children are now brought up and educated seems to stop them from wanting to grow up - or even having the freedom to

Just let parents get on with bringing up their children

Parents should allow their children more freedom if they want them to learn to be safe and independent

Looking forward

The views of young people growing up in uncertain times.

Parenting a transgender child

A personal account: "The day my four-year- old son told me he was a girl".

I'm glad I was a teenage mother

Teenage pregnancy could mean the end of all ambitions. Instead this writer believes it was the making of her

Smile, say sorry and be very sure you want children: Life lessons for my granddaughter

What a grandmother would like to pass on to her own granddaughter - and any other girls.

Boy or girl? You choose...

Libby Purves is horrified by a clinic which helps parents to select the gender of their unborn child

When daddy is just an optional extra

Forget the debate about working mothers; it's fathers who get a raw deal in bringing up baby

Tragic mum

Miriam Stoppard, Agony Aunt, gives advice to a grandmother who is being expected to care for her grandchildren

Where did childhood in Britain go wrong?

Reports say childhood in Britain has gone badly wrong, children are miserable and don't know how to play

Grown up at 12?

Have today's children lost out on precious years of childhood? Children need time to grow up

Toddlers are becoming so addicted to iPads they require therapy

Children as young as four are becoming so addicted to smartphones and iPads that they require psychological treatment

The day my daughter hit me

A petty family row came to a violent end. This shocked mother discovers she is not the only parent to suffer at the hands of a child

It takes more than a slap to teach right from wrong

A psychologist claims that children who are smacked before the age of six become better teenagers. This journalist, who was smacked as a child, does not agree

Gender unknown

To avoid stereotyping, a Swedish couple are trying to bring up their child without saying whether it is a boy or a girl. Can they succeed? Should they even try?

'I witnessed terrible things'

In this personal account, Patrick Stewart talks about the domestic violence that plagued his childhood and still affects his adult life

Nothing 'Step' About This Father, He's Every Bit a Dad

A personal account of a relationship which can be rocky - but in this case was a success

A 12-year-old mother is a case not for the midwife but the police

The story of Britain's youngest mother and father shows us how parenting in this country has gone seriously wrong

Mums, I spy on my kids on Facebook and so should you

Actress Julianne Moore admits she spies on her children through Facebook and Instagram. The writer, another snooping mum, says the parents who care are the ones who spy

It's definitely tough, but is it tough love?

A father's bitter email to his grown-up children

An act of extreme willful fecundity

Why the birth of Californian octuplets so speedily turned from good news into a finger-wagging environmental morality tale

An odd message to find on your TV...

Comedian David Mitchell thinks hours of TV never did him any harm

Great outdoors?

Modern youngsters lack a variety of simple life skills which older generations take for granted

Man of the house

How happy are couples with their roles within the family?