Police numbers

How many people work in the police force - and what are their roles?

Stop and search

Is it effective? What powers do the police have?

Should the police in Britain carry guns?

Almost every other country in the world routinely arms their police. Why is Britain different?

Firearms officers - the facts

After terror attacks in London and Manchester, questions were raised about whether all officers should be routinely armed

Why a police record for sexting teen?

A boy who sent a naked picture to a girl ended up humiliated, isolated and on the police database. Is this what should have happened?

Prevention and treatment - Is a public health approach a cure for violent crime?

Like an infectious disease, violence occurs in specific places and spreads from person to person.

I was mistaken for a suicide bomber

Personal account of a runner who ended up being questioned by the police

I was questioned over my harmless snapshot

An innocent picture resulted in questioning by the police

Schools threaten to inform police if students are allowed to play 18+ video games at home!

Are they helping parents or overstepping their authority?

How about telling men, not women, to stay indoors?

Since it's men who mostly commit attacks, they should be the ones to stay indoors after dark

The Stephen Lawrence legacy

Since his racially-motivated murder in 1993, the parents of Stephen Lawrence have been campaigning for justice. In the wake of the convictions of two men in 2012, two young Londoners reflect on what has changed and what has not.

Dark blues

There is often little understanding of clinical depression, especially in a job where you are required to be robust, as this personal account by a police officer testifies