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Youth justice

Offences and consequences

UK prison population: Age and gender

Under 21s and females each make up about 5% of the prison population

UK prisons: Conditions and costs

UK prisons are overcrowded and expensive to run.

Who's in prison: Foreign nationals

Numbers and origins

UK prison population: numbers and rate

Total prison population and numbers of prisoners per 100,000 of the general population

Prison doesn't work

What are the alternatives?

What is a prison? Why do we have them?

The types of prisons and sentences

Who's in prison: Offences and sentences

What crimes people got to prison for and how long they serve

Who’s in prison

Characteristics of the prison population in England & Wales

World Prison Population

More than 10.74 million people are held in penal institutions throughout the world...

Too young to be a criminal

In the UK our age of criminal responsibility is set too low

Why I forgave the man who raped me

Restorative justice not only helped the attacker - it turned the victim into a survivor

It's a cuddly idea: give an ex-offender a hand

Our prison system just creates more criminals - we need to spend money on it if we want to create a system that works

If I were Prime Minister: I'd review all deaths in custody and dismantle the honours system

Radical proposals from poet and musician Benjamin Zephaniah.


A quarter of people who are guilty of an offence commit another one within 12 months.

First offenders

10-17 year olds entering the Youth Justice System

Safety in prison

Self-harm and assault decreased but there were more deaths