Problem drinking
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Worldwide drinking habits

There are 6 deaths every minute from the harmful use of alcohol

'Kicking the booze and fags was a piece of cake compared to coming off cheese'

A comical look at food addiction

Alcoholism is a choice

If you cannot blame genetics for your drinking habits, who can you blame?

Why could nobody stop me drinking?

Fifteen years of alcoholism cost this writer his home and nearly killed him... so why did none of the efforts to help him work?

Leave me alone with my glass of cheap beer

Putting up prices and lecturing people is not going to change drinking habits - it's just interfering with their enjoyment

One way to solve an alcohol problem - drink from a smaller glass

Would serving alcohol in smaller measures be a simple way for people to understand how much they are drinking? Arguments for and against

Getting help: Young people & drugs

Alcohol and drug problems in young people seem to be declining but some still need help

Getting help: Adult substance misuse

Over ten years the number of people accessing help for substance abuse increased considerably...and the proportion recovering from dependence also increased

Harmful drinking

How people view their drinking, and what they are doing about it

Deaths caused by drinking

Deaths in the UK which are the direct consequence of alcohol misuse

Once upon a Life

At the very height of his professional success, award winning playwright Athol Fugard realised he was an alcoholic. Here he describes his journey back from the brink