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Irregular migration

Migrants arriving on small boats

Channel crossings

Why do so many risk their lives?

Refugees - What the different terms mean

Refugee, asylum seeker or migrant?

Rohingya refugees

Life in the world's biggest refugee camp

Refugees: Origins and hosts

Where refugees come from and where they find shelter

Refugee Children- fleeing from danger into danger

Many refugees are children making perilous journeys alone.

A typical day in the life of an Internally Displaced Person in Mali

Personal account: Miriam and her children have fled the conflict in Timbuktu

Refugees: Internally displaced people

IDPs continue to make up the majority of the world's forcibly displaced population

Compassion or crime?

A father asks you to rescue his child - but to do it you have to break the law. What do you do?

Forced to flee

More people were displaced in 2020 but there were fewer routes to safety

Displaced by disaster

Major climate-related disasters have almost doubled in the last twenty years.

The Mediterranean Situation

Every year there is a tragic loss of human lives

If I were Prime Minister: I would put a cap on the maximum wage

Fairness and equality, as well as a different attitude to immigrants, are at the heart of this agenda.

The charity rebuilding the lives of refugee children in Britain

Ahsanullah Ahsas suffered horrors on the way to the UK, but help from the Children's Society has transformed his existence

Refugee voices

Omar was a successful business man, Alima was a doctor. Now they are both refugees in the UK.

What Muslim pilgrims travelling to Mecca can teach us about the refugee crisis

Living a frugal life on the Hajj helps us understand the plight of those who have nothing to rely on but each other.

'Elation and unease' at helping a flood victim

Is it right for a journalist to intervene to help a dying baby? What about all the other people needing help?

I survived the Rwandan genocide

Personal account of a 17-year-old who fled the massacre