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Social media is harming the mental health of teenagers

The pressure to be perfect and always available is overwhelming many young people.

Bad influencer

Andrew Tate has a huge online following. Does that make him dangerous?


What it is, who does it, how to stop it.

Experiencing Cyberbullying

17% of young people have been bullied online

#AskEddie: Meet the work experience boy who saved Southern Rail

When 15-year-old Eddie Smith came in for his fortnight of work experience at Southern Rail, his main goal was to do more than make tea.

Internet use and overuse

Many users are taking a digital detox to prevent their internet use from taking over their lives

Checking after dark

Young people are losing sleep because of their mobile phones

Do Instagram's lemon-infused water 'detox drinks' actually burn fat?

The truth behind the drinks splashed across social media.

Why a police record for sexting teen?

A boy who sent a naked picture to a girl ended up humiliated, isolated and on the police database. Is this what should have happened?

Why all this selfie obsession?

We take these snaps without irony or shame. We are fishing for compliments and trying to prove that we are happy

I spy on my kids online and so should you

Actress Julianne Moore admits she spies on her children online. The writer, another snooping mum, says the parents who care are the ones who spy

A better way of death

The story of three people with terminal illnesses who used social media to make something positive out of their dreadful situation

If the Face(book) fits

How your Facebook profile could make or marr your job prospects

Social media and the 'decline' of language

Texts, blogs, emails and Facebook posts are affecting other kinds of writing - is this for the good?

Sorry for mugging you!

A man apologises to his victim on Facebook, 35 years after the crime