Poverty in the UK
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How being poor keeps you poor

A lack of money dominates every part of daily life - including how you think and how you feel.

Emergency food

Families are struggling to make ends meet, but there is still a social stigma in using foodbanks.

It's the inequality, stupid

Inequality is getting worse and it affects every aspect of society

Calories and class

How class affects your diet and your health

Top stores call them budget food lines. I say they are a disgrace

Sales of 'value' products have soared during the credit crunch. Here Jay Rayner asks why stores force the poor to eat such low grade food

Kindness of pub regulars who rescued homeless man forced to sleep rough

Pub customers rallied round to put this man back on his feet and into a home of his own.

Feeling the squeeze

Parents are finding it hard to cope with financial pressures

Long-term renting is 'damaging children's lives'

When families have to move because of rising rents, children lose out on friends, school and stability

Housing crisis: did damp and crowding contribute to cot death?

A baby was found dead in her cot below fungus growing out of the wall in a flat on a York housing estate

Why aren't we more outraged about child poverty?

When you talk about child poverty, you're essentially talking about fairness

Missing out

Children suffer when they are deprived of experiences and possessions that others see as normal

School costs

Even though state education is free, parents need to find money for 'extras' - which are actually essentials. Young people collected this information about how the poorest amongst them miss out.

School was Jamie's only refuge. But not any more

A teacher tries to assist a troubled student, but in the end is powerless to help

Ghost jobs, half lives: how agency workers 'get by' in Britain's shadow economy

There's a whole world of work that is temporary, shifting and keeps people in poverty.