Value of university

Many students said their education was not value for money, but very few said they would NOT to go to university at all if they had the chance.

Is it too easy to get a first class degree?

One in four students at top universities now receive top honours.

A degree of deceit

Wholesale copying, buying essays and using spy devices in exams; universities are struggling to beat the cheats

Oxford and Cambridge need to tackle race issues head-on

The best universities can't ignore unfairness in their admissions

I worked hard to get into Cambridge. But I needed benefits too

The government's plans to cut welfare for the under-25s will force young people to choose between an education and a place to live. Poppy Noor speaks from personal experience

School fees buy more than good grades

Private schools give children confidence and a sense of being entitled

University class

Background plays a large part in deciding about higher education

Debt sentence

The recession has increased the strain of university costs and parents are finding it harder to support their child financially

How will a degree help a frightened patient?

'I see no evidence that graduates make better nurses. My fear is that too much theory risks making them too posh to wash' says Professor Raymond Tallis

Daughter inspires ambulance driver to go to university

When he saw his daughter complete a university course while working full-time, this emergency worker realised he too could have a chance to gain a degree

10 things about work, life and money every child should know

Most youngsters leave education knowing little about the grown-up worlds of work and money. Here are the key tips Money Saving Expert Martin Lewis would give to his younger self

Private schools

Opinions about the advantages of private schools

World Class Education

Our universities are among the best in the world and are one of the most attractive things about the country.

Students & money

Students have deep concerns about their finances and still have to rely on support from their parents - especially in emergencies.