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Battery recycling

Never bin your batteries!

Plastic waste

Behaviour and attitudes towards use and recycling


Why are we so bad at recycling?

Plastic carrier bags

The effect of charging

Electronic waste: the figures

How much we produce and how little we recycle

Zero Waste

Could you manage to live your life without creating any waste? Here's some tips for how to do it.

Electronic waste: the facts

E-waste is the world’s fastest growing waste stream


Adopting a sustainable lifestyle is on the rise

Hoarding electricals

We should be recycling even the smallest items.

Toxic trade

The stark choice facing developing nations

Vape waste

They might be called disposable but they should still be recycled

The truth is hard to swallow

Our waste is killing creatures thousands of miles away - how can this happen?

Imaginative upcycling

How waste can be made into something wonderful

The problem with plastic

Why plastic is so useful yet we throw so much of it away. How much of it is entering the environment and the different types and uses.

Climate change & attitudes

Protecting the environment is an important issue for many people - and they think more could be done.

Art to save the sea

'Washed Ashore' is an organisation which turns plastic pollution from the ocean into art to bring attention to this global issue.

How can we stem the flow and turn back the tide?

What is already being done about plastic waste and how we can do more.

Plastic packaging

How much we use and recycle

STOP the plastic tide!

Choking. Starving. Poisoning. That’s what plastic litter is doing to marine life. You can change this.

A flow of plastic

A study has found that UK rivers are heavily contaminated with microplastics.

Plastic planet

People seem more prepared to take action about plastic in our environment