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World drug situation

The production and use of illegal drugs, and how much the authorities manage to seize

Getting help: Young people & drugs

Alcohol and drug problems in young people seem to be declining but some still need help

Where's the harm

Alcohol does more harm in society than crack cocaine - but crack is more harmful to individuals. A different way of looking at the drug problem

When I see a young patient with a heart-attack, one of the first things I think of is cocaine.

A doctor gives his advice and insight into the effects of cocaine

Drug deaths

Drug poisoning deaths, from both illegal and legal drugs, are at their highest level since 1993

Getting help: Adult substance misuse

Over ten years the number of people accessing help for substance abuse increased considerably...and the proportion recovering from dependence also increased

Drug users

Drug use in the UK adults and round the world

If cannabis is legal, more teenagers will smoke it - and that can't be good

This writer believes that we already have a good system when it comes to regulating drugs

Cannabis in Colorado: The ups and downs of legalising highs

The American state of Colorado has made the sale of marijuana legal. It now has more cannabis shops than branches of Starbucks, yet there are still illegal dealers on the streets

Would legalising drugs really reap a good harvest?

The illegal drugs market is growing, but state control could bring more questions than answers

Is drug taking just a matter for the individual?

Writers from very different backgrounds think it is a matter of personal choice

Many agree, none act: to ease untold misery, legalise drugs

The war on drugs has been lost, but politicians are too frightened to admit it